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4th Jun 2020
4th Jun 2020
11th Mar 2020



Numeracy Team

Our Numeracy Team consists of five teachers which include Catherine, the Coordinator, and teachers Eamon, Joanne, Elaine and Sian. We are currently in the second year of our three-year plan which has been ratified by our Board of Governors. The Numeracy Team meet once a month to monitor Numeracy progress throughout the school and our action plan targets.



Numeracy Targets 2019/2020

2019/20 Numeracy Team Targets

  1. Revise numeracy schemes of work
  2. Embed Mathletics programme
  3. Develop numeracy opportunities through play/ outdoor learning
  4. Develop end of topic assessment tasks
  5. Develop numeracy tab on school website

Outdoor Learning

Mikolaj from Class 5 was rewarded for completing our summer numeracy task challenge. He was busy at the beach collecting shells to match his age and building sandcastles of different sizes. Thanks to his mum and to all our families for taking part in our numeracy task challenges.


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Numeracy learning video...


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Internal Standardisation of end of topic assessment


Teachers worked together in their Key Stages at the end of January 2020 to complete internal standardisation. Everyone enjoyed hearing about the good practice in other classrooms and loved seeing the fabulous Numeracy work our pupils are doing.


Numeracy through Play